All training of Motorcycles and Cars has now been resumed

The Lincolnshire group

Established in 1998 the Lincolnshire group of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders offer you, free of charge, advice, support and driving tuition in preparation for the RoSPA advanced driving or riding test.

To benefit from tuition and to prepare for the test it is necessary to become an Associate member of the group, with the annual fee being £15 . The joining fee is reduced to £7.50 for those in full time education or for family members living at the same address. The Associate is then assigned a tutor in their area who will arrange mutually convenient sessions to help the candidate improve their standard. There is no set limit to the number of sessions. Once you have received sufficient tuition we can arrange for you to take the test locally.

The test lasts for approximately one and a half hours, using your own vehicle after which you will receive a short verbal de-brief This will be followed up by a full written report and a certificate.

Tests are conducted by Police Class I advanced drivers or riders; deemed to be among the most highly skilled drivers in the UK. Many were or are advanced driving instructors.

Uniquely the RoSPA test is graded Bronze, Silver and Gold to reflect the true standard achieved by the driver/rider. There is also a Diploma certificate available for driving instructors.